Unarmed to Armed Defense Course

This course covers critical factors in the transition from an unarmed response to an armed response in a DYNAMIC CRITICAL INCIDENT, and addresses the three most common forms of self-defense. Based on the two arm’s length distance, where you do not have time to access your handgun so the unarmed response is critical, is the ability to deliver stunning blows and control the assailant’s weapon before being able to access your own. Course covers the essential strike zones & applied techniques, multi-directional weapons vs unidirectional weapons, confined access of primary weapon, & the defensive mindset & self-defense law.

Defensive Concealed Carry Course

This course is built around the bodies of instinctive reactions when faced with a DYNAMIC CRITICAL INCIDENT, interwoven with a learned intuitive skill-set to help you survive such an encounter. Subjects covered in this course are: the body’s physiological changes to stress, selection of a defensive handgun, defensive accuracy, the balance of speed & precision, stance & movement, the defensive mindset, and more. Self-defense law is also covered in this course, to insure our students are getting the best well-rounded instruction in the industry.

Basic Handgun Course

This is an introduction to the basic knowledge, skills & attitude necessary to safely handle and use a handgun. Class is five hours divided between classroom & range time. Class consists of lecture & demonstrations of safe gun handling, looking at various types of handguns & ammunition, fundamentals of handgun marksmanship & more! Range portion of the class will instruct you on how to fire your handgun & hit your target.

Ladies only Basic Handgun Course

S.D.T.C. is excited to announce our Ladies only basic handgun course. Here at S.D.T.C. we understand that women sometimes feel more comfortable taking their class from a female instructor, that way all their concerns can be addressed. That is why we have two top-notch female instructors on staff. This is an introductory course to the basic knowledge, skills and attitude necessary to safely handle and use a handgun. The class is five hours in length, divided between classroom and range. We will also discuss the state laws for carrying and transporting your handgun. Classroom consists of lecture and demonstrations, various types of handguns and ammunition, the fundamentals of handgun marksmanship and more. The range portion will instruct you to safely fire and hit your target.

Edged Weapon Defensive Course

This course covers use of the knife as a primary and secondary defensive weapon. Many people carry a knife with them everyday, but few actually understand the applied techniques that make this weapon so efficient in the dynamic critical incident. Topics that are covered in this course are: the selection of a defensive blade, the proper strike techniques, the pulse strike method, defensive mindset and more. Self-defense Law is also instructed on in this course.

Safety and Security Seminar

If you would like for us to come and speak with your group about personal safety and security, we would be glad to do so. Everyone has different needs when it comes to personal defense and security. It's never a one size fits all solution to security and here at SDTC we recognize the individual needs of different groups when it comes to personal safety. Realtors, Churches, Bank personal, Home Health care Workers the list go's on and on with different concerns involved in each profession and that’s where our many years of knowledge in personal safety, defense and security come into play. Give us a call and find out how we can help your organization be better prepared for the future.