Firearms Defensive Training in Foley, Alabama

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Our instructors will teach you how to channel a stressful situation into a defensive response. We'll talk about the body's instinctive reaction to a threat and show you how to channel that fight-or-flight response to your benefit. You'll learn how to use a handgun for defensive purposes when faced with a life-threatening attack and how to safely handle your weapon. Our course will also dive deep into the mindset you need to survive such an ordeal.

Knowing how to properly use your firearm for defensive purposes could be the difference between life or death. Prepare yourself by signing up for firearms defensive training at the Southeastern Defensive Training Center.

Learn how to properly use your firearm

Foley, AL's Southeastern Defensive Training Center can teach you everything you need to know about using a firearm for defensive purpose. We offer a number of courses covering a wide range of firearms use scenarios, including:

  • Unarmed to armed defense
  • Defensive handgun 360
  • Tactical AR techniques
  • Concealed carry weapons

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