Prepare for the Worst in Foley, Alabama

Prepare for the Worst in Foley, Alabama

Train with the best at Southeastern Defensive Training Center

Ladies, are you tired of walking home at night and fearing for your safety? Men, do you want to know the best methods for neutralizing an attacker? Come to the Southeastern Defensive Training Center to acquire the skills you need to defend yourself. Our dojo will help you recognize and handle situations that may require active self-defense. You'll learn the best techniques for responding to an attack, learn how to identify a potential attacker and explore ways to avoid escalating a violent situation.

Find out about the courses we are currently offering by contacting the Southeastern Defensive Training Center.

Know how to handle any situation with self-defense training

Foley, AL's Southeastern Defensive Training Center can teach you how to defend yourself, whether you have a weapon or not. We offer courses like:

  • Self-defense training
  • Edged-weapon training
  • Firearms defensive training
  • Unarmed defensive training
  • Defensive concealed carry training

Our licensed and certified instructors are highly trained and can teach everyone from beginners to advanced students. Contact Southeastern Defensive Training Center to learn more.