Defend Yourself Without Resorting to Weapons

Learn the basics of self-defense in Foley, Alabama

You don't have to rely on a weapon to defend yourself in an unexpected situation. Make sure you're covered in any threatening scenario by taking an unarmed defensive training course. Southeastern Defensive Training Center offers a number self-defense courses that will teach you how to react in real-world situations.

At our dojo, we offer martial arts and Krav Maga lessons to students of all skill levels. Whether you're a beginner or an advanced practitioner, you can benefit from learning the most effective techniques for warding off an attacker and fighting back.

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Your secret weapon is the skin you're in

If you're thrust into a violent situation, make sure you know how to protect yourself using your body's natural abilities. Foley, AL's Southeastern Defensive Training Center can teach you martial arts and Krav Maga techniques that utilize your body weight. We'll teach you how to inflict the most damage on an attacker and practice with you until you have the moves down pat.

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